Agencies say too much shoreline development will ruin the lake

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

"In consideration of current water quality trends, DHEC believes that minimization of future urban development along the Lake Murray shoreline is necessary to maintain long term water quality"..................Rheta Geddings, Bureau of Water

"It is abundantly clear that certain areas slated for future development, need to be protected for their natural, recreational, and scenic values." ...Ed Duncan, Environmental Programs Director, SCDNR

"Rapid development has caused a general degradation of water quality, boating safety problems due to crowding, and loss of fish and wildlife habitat." .....Roger Banks, Field Supervisor US Fish and Wildlife Service

"The increasing development is affecting recreational usage and safety on the lake and adding to concerns about water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and scenic integrity." ..............Tony Bebber, Planning Manager, SC PRT

" The licensee's (SCE&G) proposal, to allow consumer demand and economic factors to dictate type, location, and size of development will not ensure protection of aquatic and terrestrial resources. Some areas of the lake are not conducive to development. Without planning and foresight, shoreline development can contribute to overcrowding conditions, and environmental degradation. ".... Mark Robinson, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

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